Colon Detoxificaton

COLON DETOXIFICATION also known as colonic irrigation or the colon cleansing process

The process typically follows these steps:

1. Session Preparation:

Before the session, you might be advised to avoid heavy meals and certain foods. You may also be asked to wear a gown or specific clothing.

2. Positioning:

You lie on a treatment table, and a small speculum attached to a disposable tube is gently inserted into the rectum.

3. Water Infusion Steps:

Warm, purified water is slowly introduced into the colon. The water helps soften and loosen waste material, allowing it to be expelled more easily.

4. Massage and Visualization:

During the procedure, the therapist will use abdominal massage to help dislodge waste, and occasionally.

5. Elimination:

As the water enters the colon, you may experience a sensation of fullness and then an urge to evacuate. The waste material is eliminated through a separate tube, and the process is repeated several times during the session.

6. End of Session:

Once the session is complete, you may be allowed to use the restroom to ensure any remaining water and waste are expelled.

Colon Detoxification offer several potential benefits, including:

1. Enhance the immune system

By cleansing the colon, removing toxins can lead to improved overall health and potential support for immune function.

2. Cancer Prevention 

A clean and healthy colon is generally associated with overall well-being, which is recommended for potential cancer prevention.

3.Improved Digestion:

Cleansing the colon may help remove accumulated waste, promoting better digestion and nutrient absorption.

4. Detoxification:

    Advocates suggest that colon detox helps eliminate toxins from the body, supporting the overall detoxification process.

5. Weight Loss Support:

    Some claim that colon detox can aid in weight loss by eliminating excess waste and promoting a more efficient metabolism.

6. Increased Energy:

    Removing accumulated waste is believed to enhance energy levels, making individuals feel more vital and rejuvenated.

7. Better Concentration:

    Advocates assert that a cleaner colon can positively impact mental clarity and focus.


Ensure your well-being with Colon Detoxification at Chevala, a supervised detox process led by expert medical professionals, including doctors and nurses at every step. Experience a health-focused approach for a thorough and supervised detox journey.


Duration: 60 minutes

Standard Session Price: 4,500 THB

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