about chevala

about chevala

The meaning of Chevala comprised of Life + Time since we value TIME the most precious thing in LIFE. Therefore, we desire you to be healthy from beneath of your body in the cellular level. We crave to see you have such a wonderful and healthy life with your beloved ones and do whatever your heart desires throughout your life.

At Chevala, our therapy is the perfect integration of modern medication, innovative medical technologies, and the serene air found only in Hua Hin. Moreover, we cater you refined healthy specialties crafted by InterContinental’s Chefs so that you will gain the best result and exclusive experiences. You are promised to be rejuvenated and get immunity boosted to revive your youthful health from the inside.


Specialized medical team at Chevala will design the medical program for you. We test your body in cellular level so we can understand and find out which part or method that best serve you. Our medical team and hotel chef also co-design special delish healthy menus for your best health recover and prevention in the most joyful way. We also offer 5 stars service spa and personal training to strengthened your mind and body.


Hua Hin is a renowned resort destination everyone desires for checking-in!!

Because of its powdery white sand beach, spectacular beach rocks, and pure breeze of air, Hua Hin becomes the resort town where Thai nobilities has been choosing to relax and rejuvenate their bodies since in the old days.